cookingThe peak scout camp organized a cooking competition that was held in 2005 during their annual peak camp. The event was a big one and there were many participants who took part for the coveted grand prize.

The rules of the cooking competition being that the participants were to come up with their own distinct recipes for a three course meal that they would prepare for a specified theme and at a specified budget. The participants had to be a team of two people each so as to make the whole presentation manageable. However, all the cooking ingredients were provided as per the participant’s requests. There was selected a panel of judge who would have a taste of each of the participants meal and their whole presentation who would later give a general feedback to the participating teams.

The prizes that were worn included a well-furnished operational restaurant and $100, 000 for the winner of the contest, $1000, 000 for the first runners up and $40,000 for the second runners up. In addition to that, the winners were to represent at the country’s grand cooking competition.

The event was proudly sponsored by different organizations that are big names such as the, and They made the event a success by ensuring financial support and also providing prizes and gift hampers for the winners such as utensils and many more goodies for the participants.

All in all the cooking competition was a success the winners of the competition being Christina Verreli who scooped a prize of $100, 000 and was the first runners up, Julie Hession who was the second runners up and scooped $40,000 and Brett Youmans who was the grand prize winner of the jackpot.

During the cooking competition, new recipes were discovered and also all the participants had a lifetime experience of their lives at the peak scout camp each trying to get the coveted prize. The peak scout camp is looking forward to another cooking competition that will be bigger and better this year.